What's new in Office Communities?

Posted by Jonh on Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Discussion groups continue to be a great forum for asking questions, getting answers to your questions, and answering questions others have asked. So how can the new features available in Office Communities make discussion groups even more useful for you? Here's a quick summary:

  • Sign in By participating in Communities, you have the chance to build a reputation, and to help build the reputations of others. Signing in helps establish a level of trust in Communities. Be sure to sign in for the best experience.
  • Sign up to be notified Find an interesting thread you'd like to read when others respond? You can sign up to receive e-mail notification when someone responds to a specific thread.
  • Rate a post as helpful When you read a particular post, you get to weigh in; was the information in the post helpful? Or not? Your vote counts to let others know that information in a post is helpful and worth reading.
  • Rate a post as an answer When someone answers a question you asked, you get to rate the response. Did it answer your question? Or not? This feature also allows you and others to show only answered questions in a discussion group.
  • Show specific threads Not only can you search by keyword to find the threads that have the information you need, but you can also show only threads with questions that have an answer, or only threads with posts rated as helpful. This helps you to get right to the information you need.
  • Build a reputation As you rate posts or answers as helpful, this builds the reputation of those who posted the information. Additionally, as you answer questions that others have, they can rate your posts and in doing so build your reputation.

I have to sketch out the details once again before this Monday for a official presentation. But then what i want to share here with you is my experience of sharing the Microsoft Outlook and providing computer Help.