Microsoft Outlook 2000 Web Feature

Posted by Jonh on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Managing Communications on Your Intranet

Microsoft Outlook 2000 provides the following ways to manage information from the Internet or your intranet. It provides best Outlook Support to Handle Email services on outlook. Users can use the Contacts folder to do the following:

  • Keep track of contacts’ Web sites.
  • Open the Web history folder from within Outlook 2000.
  • Share a catalog of Web sites in a public folder.

Browse Web pages in Outlook

In Outlook 2000, you can select a Web page from the Favorites menu or use the Web toolbar to enter a URL and display a Web page in Outlook. Or you can send the Web page that you are currently viewing in Outlook as the body of an e-mail message by clicking Send Web Page by E-Mail on the Actions menu

System Policy Tip If you do not want your users browsing the Web from Outlook 2000, you can disable commands on the Web toolbar by using a system policy. In the System Policy Editor, disable the commands in the Microsoft Outlook 2000\ Disable items in user interface\Predefined category that you do not want available to your users. For more information, see Using the System Policy Editor.

Create home pages for folders

Because you can view Web pages in Outlook 2000, it is easy to create a home page for a public folder. A folder home page can be used to provide the following:

  • Information about the purpose and use of a public folder.
  • A primary or secondary customizable view of the folder contents.

To add a folder home page in Outlook 2000

  1. In the Outlook Folder list, right-click the folder, and then click Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box, click the Home Page tab.
  3. Select all the options that you want to set up the home page.

System Policy Tip You can specify folder home pages for your users by setting a system policy. You can also disable folder home pages through a system policy. In the System Policy Editor, set the policies in the Microsoft Outlook 2000\Miscellaneous\Folder Home Pages for Outlook special folders category to specify folder home pages options for your users. For more information, see Using the System Policy Editor.