Configure Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2007 (POP3)

Posted by Jonh on Friday, May 29, 2009

This Article guide you how to configure ymail in your Microsoft Outlook 2007. All Ymail inbox will forward to your Outlook 2007 and do not have backup copy on Ymail, this allow you have unlimited mailbox storage and all mail been store on local machine. You can read or search your mail however no internet connection.
1.From the Tools menu, select “Account Settings.” If you do not see “Account Settings,” place your cursor over the two arrows at the bottom of the list to display more choices.
2.On the Email tab, click New.
3.Check the box next to the first option, “Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP” and click Next.
4.In the Your Name box, type your name as you’d like it to appear when you send a message.
5.In the Email Address box, enter your Yahoo! Mail address
6.Check the box for “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and click Next.
7.Check the box next to the first option “Internet E-mail” and click Next.
8.In the Server Information area, under “Account Type” select POP 3 from the pull-down menu.
9.In the Incoming mail server field, enter:
10.In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field, enter:
11.In the Login Information area, in the User Name field, enter your Yahoo! ID (your email address without the “”).
12.In the Password box, enter your Yahoo! Mail password.
13.Check “Remember Password” if you don’t want Outlook to prompt you for your password each time you check your mail.
14.Do not check the box labeled “Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).”
15.Click on the More Settings button.
16.Click on the Outgoing Server tab and check the box next to “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.”
17.Click on the Advanced tab.
18.Under “Incoming Server (POP3)”, check the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”. The port number in the “Incoming Server (POP3)” field should automatically change from 110 to 995. If it doesn’t, make sure the port number is set to 995.
19.Under “Outgoing Server (SMTP)”, check the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)”. Enter port number “465” in the “Outgoing Server (SMTP)” field.
20.If you’d like to keep a copy of your email messages on the Yahoo! Mail server, check the box next to “Leave a copy of messages on the server.” If you want to delete your messages from the Yahoo! Mail server after viewing them in Outlook, don’t check the box.
21.Click the OK button.
22.Click the Next button on the Email Account Wizard, then click Finished.
23.If you like your Yahoo! Mail inbox to be your primary inbox in Outlook 7, click the Tools menu and select “Account Settings.” If you don’t see “Account Settings,” place your cursor over the two arrows at the bottom of the list to display more choices.
24.From the list, select the account you’ve just added and click the Set as Default button.
25.Click the Close button. You’re done!


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