How to Manage the Junk E-Mail Filter

Posted by Jonh on Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Microsoft Outlook 2007 provides enhanced spam filtering options in the Junk E-Mail Filter. If you don’t have additional filters in place, such as those that might be supplied by your organization, you might prefer to set the Junk E-Mail Filter protection level at a higher level. With the protection level set to High or to Safe Lists Only, it is likely that the Junk E-Mail Filter will catch quite a few valid messages that you don’t want deleted.

Note that the Disable Links and Other Functionality in Phishing Messages check box is selected by default. Unless you are very confident that you have another protective system in place, leave this option selected.

You can add a specific person’s e-mail address to the Safe Senders List or specify that e-mail received from any sender at a particular domain is safe by adding only the domain. To ensure that messages from your legitimate contacts aren’t held by the Junk E-Mail Filter, you should select the Also Trust E-mail From My Contacts and Automatically Add People I E-mail To The Safe Senders List check boxes.

You can add addresses or domains to your Safe Recipients List to ensure that messages you send to them will never be treated as junk e-mail. You can manually add e-mail addresses and domain names to the Blocked Senders List or Outlook will add them for you whenever you identify a received message as junk e-mail Support.

The Junk E-Mail Filter gives you the option of blocking all messages from a country-specific, top-level domain, or all messages containing specific non-English text encoding. I want to share my Experience about Micosoft Outlook and Computer Support assistance.



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