Microsoft defends Outlook HTML decision

Posted by Jonh on Monday, July 13, 2009

Dave Greiner is a problem in 2007, Microsoft decided to use Microsoft Word the relative immaturity of the technology to display HTML-encoded e-mail in Outlook. Now, in the face of such an option to extend until 2010 the office of the forthcoming, he changes the mixing even more loudly.

Greiner standard e-mail members of the informal group set up a Web site called, and urged all who agree with his position to promote their disappointment of Twitter; more than 19,000 on Wednesday afternoon to do so.

Microsoft, at the same time encourage the views of this issue, adhere to its decision to respond to published in the Microsoft Office team blog.

"We have made a decision to continue to use Word to create e-mail, because we think this is the best creative experience of the e-mail, has a wealth of tools, if we have more than 25 years of customer ... Word Outlook clients can Write professional-looking and realistic e-mail said, "William Kennedy, vice president of the Office of Communications and form teams. In addition, he said, "See, when e-mail, Word also provides security interests, do not have in your browser: Word can not run Web script or other active content that could endanger the safety and security of our customers."

So, why make a fuss? Prior to this, Microsoft's Internet Explorer to use the HTML rendering engine to display e-mail has been formatted HTML, which is used to describe the Web browser page. This means that the advanced e-mail, the website looks polishing can be sent.

Microsoft believes that most people do not want to use some advanced web design tools to send fancy e-mail, however, the company has a certain truth. I am different, but how to appropriately arrange the graphics in Word, etc., but - this may be familiar, but it is not desktop publishing machine.

Page, HTML is not a perfect standard, but at least it is a recognized authority. Microsoft believes that the HTML e-mail is a different beast, but. "No consensus on what the industry is widely recognized that a subset of HTML e-mail is suitable for the use of interoperability," said Kennedy.

Greiner to see an "obvious solution", according to his blog on this issue.

"Word by updating the engine, and therefore can write the HTML-based standards, all these problems be resolved. Microsoft can eat too much pie," he said.