New feature " Outlook Mobile Service " in Outlook 2007

Posted by Jonh on Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There is new feature add in Microsoft Outlook 2007 which is OUTLOOK MOBILE SERVICE that you use to create and send the text messages as well as multimedia messages to a mobile device by the help of outlook as you send the simple mails.

Main Advantages of that new feature.

The new feature Outlook Mobile Service makes easier in two ways to communicate with your colleagues, business partners, and family are e-mails messages and your mobile services. These both have their advantages, but managing your phone contacts, correspondence, and appointments. It also makes easier to use both these media and is fully integrated with Outlook. With the help of OMS, you can compose and send a text messages and multimedia messages is now as quick and easy as creating and sending an e-mails messages. these message also save automatically in the Sent items folder in you Inbox.

you can send a message both as e-mail message and as a mobile message to multiple contacts at the same time with the help of that new OMS feature. You can stay informed when you are away from the office because Outlook Mobile Service can forward the e-mail messages and calendar appointments that you choose directly to your mobile phone.

How Outlook Mobile Service works

This new feature works with the mobile service provider for your mobile phone to provisde you with a seamless communication experience. After you send your mobile message from your computer, it goes to the Web service for Outlook Mobile Service, which is hosted by your mobile service provider, and is then sent to the mobile phones that you choose. If your message recipients want to reply, they can do so from their respective mobile phones. The messages sent by the recipients are handled by their respective mobile service providers and sent back to the Web service for Outlook Mobile Service.

Some Outlook Mobile Service features

1. Complete integration with Outlook
2. Mobile text and multimedia messages sent directly from your computer
3. E-mail messages, reminders, and calendar summaries forwarded to your mobile phone
4. Both e-mail and mobile messages sent at the same time
5. A new mobile address book.
6.AutoResolve contacts