Outlook does not provide great help to e-mail overload.

Posted by Jonh on Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Limited Outlook search, filter and sort functions can be you only so far if you are looking to better organize your e-mail and increase your productivity. It will not let you view the entire message thread, for example, its search function, you can use some help.

How to solve this problem: a lot of Outlook add-ins so that claims to help E-mail overload, and I found that, in fact, provided a - in a big way. Free Xobni (inbox on this back) can easily find e-mail, and contact information. It may be the best Outlook add-ons I use.

It seems as a Xobni sidebar on the right-hand side of Outlook. When you read an e-mail sidebar shows you the person to communicate with people, including a list of all the "conversations" you have with him a list of all the files you exchange, the person's telephone number and your " social network, "which is basically a list of contacts to share the two exchanged e-mail or your cc'd on.

This means that every e-mail you, you can see quickly all the previous history of the e-mail exchange, the sender, a huge timesaver when you want to see your communication with someone. Xobni, you can also view all of the e-mail in the sidebar by clicking on any of their own party, it shows the email as a conversation thread, so you can trace their history.

Sidebar also convenient e-mail icon on the screen, and arranged for a meeting through the Outlook calendar.

And a huge screen above the data, drug addiction, but it is not clear in fact useful. You will be shown in the total number of e-mail exchange with you people, those who rank in those you have exchanged e-mail, and graphics at the time of day, the number of e-mail you usually receive from the people in each an hour.

The load is heavy on analysis of Xobni.

In fact, the statistics can be quickly lost lovers in the program; Xobni analysis has provided an incredible wealth of information e-mail use, such as the average time required to respond to people with your day, month and week. This is just the beginning. You can, for example, the median time to response, even if you see the individuals, individuals in the domain ... ah, your picture.

Analysis of the scheme will not, though. Get it through your Outlook e-mail and information overload.